Webinar - Spotlight On: Digital Accessibility for Your Marketing Campaign


Accessibility is not just about complying with the law. It’s also about giving consumers with disabilities the opportunity to employ or buy your services.

Did you know that people with disabilities have an estimated spending power of $25 Billion per year? That’s right – if you are not including consumers with disabilities as part of your target audience, you may be losing out on an important group of potential customers. And it’s not just about making your brick-and-mortar store physically accessible – nowadays digital accessibility is just as important.

You Will Learn

Over 360,000 organizations in Ontario are impacted by accessibility requirements. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What aspects of the five accessibility standards impact the business practices of marketing professionals in Ontario
  • How to make information accessible to consumers and employees including an overview of accessible website and web content requirements
  • How to provide accessible service to your clients or customers
  • Links to free tools and helpful resources to fulfill AODA requirements

And much more...

Who Should Attend

  • Any organization that has an online presence – especially if they plan new / redesign web projects
  • Digital marketing agencies & teams building web products for clients
  • Decision makers: account, project managers
  • Marketers looking to understand how web accessibility will benefit their marketing efforts
  • Human resources professionals and managers who need to understand new AODA requirements on compliance reporting and web accessibility
  • Digital marketing agencies & teams building web products for clients
  • Graphic, interaction, web designers
  • Coders, front-end engineers, web developers


Sarah Bradley

David Berman
David Berman Communications

David Berman has 30 years of experience in design and communications and has worked extensively in the adaptation of printed materials for electronic distribution, including accessible Web and PDF design and software interface development.

In 2012, David was appointed as chair of the Carleton Access Network, a new committee on accessible information technology by Carleton University’s READ Research, Education, Accessibility and Design Initiative.

In 2009, David was appointed a high-level advisor to the United Nations on how accessible Web design thinking can help fulfill the Millennium Development Goals.

Key Dates/Pricing

January 15, 2015

11 a.m. – 12 p.m. EST

Free. Call 416-645-3281 to register

If you require accessibility services, you must notify jdasilva-rupchand@the-cma.org in advance of the webinar.

Webinar sponsored by the Government of Ontario

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