Moving at the speed of millennials

How Mobile Analytics Can Drive Your Business

October 18, 2017
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET
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Twitter / Twitter Canada


As a generation of influencers, Millennials mean an awful lot to your bottom line. Plenty of things excite young Canadians and they’re not shy about sharing. They know if something’s lit (or not.) They’ve got a firm grasp on expectation vs. reality. They get what “Retweet to save a life” means and they love when something gives them #allthefeels.

Engaging Millennials with your brand has to happen quickly, otherwise they’ve moved on to something . The key is to bring them closer to the culture that matters most to them and to get them there as fast as possible.

Learn more about Canadian Millennials on Twitter and leave with best practices and tips for how you can get the tribe on board with your brand.

Who Should Attend

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Alyson Gausby
Head of Research

As the head of research at Twitter Canada, Alyson Gausby is responsible for translating consumer intelligence and data into learnings that are not only insightful for brands, but speak to the future of Canada’s ever-evolving digital ecosystem. Prior to her appointment at Twitter, Alyson was Consumer Insights Lead at AOL and Microsoft, as well as an Associate Director, brand & advertising research, with leading market research firm Ipsos in the UK.