Surrounding The End Customer Webinar

August 17, 2016
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
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Non-members: $30
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Creating a consistent message

Content and marketing messages are everywhere - online and off. It’s congested and loud and it’s getting harder and harder to grab people’s attention.

Meanwhile brands are trying to compete with publishers and production companies by creating serialized video and long-form content. They’re on Snapchat, and Instagram and experimenting with Facebook Live - but to what end?

With so many channels, outlets and devices to consumer content it’s more important than ever for brands to be marketing in a number of different places. But there has to be discipline and consistency throughout.

Omni-channel marketing might be a buzz word but it doesn’t mean you shouldn't understand how to do it well.

See examples of top omni-channel marketers and learn how to adapt their techniques to suit your budget.

You Will Learn

In this webinar, we’ll go through some best-in-class examples of who is doing omni-channel marketing well, how you can start to frame a strategy and how to approach it on a macro and micro level (because not everyone has millions in marketing budgets).

Who Should Attend

This webinar is aimed at solo marketing managers who wear multiple hats and are looking for ideas on how to increase their company's marketing presence. This can also be helpful for those who run larger agency teams.


Gary Edgar, Digital Marketing Consultant, East End Digital

Gary has spent almost 15 years in marketing and communications, with the vast majority dedicated to digital strategy. Over the past 10 years his concentration has been agency focused, working with High Road Communications and APEX PR. Most recently in his role as Managing Director, Gary helped build ruckus digital into an award winning digital content agency.

In his career, he’s worked with a number of the biggest brands in the world including American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Nike and SAB Miller, building digital and social media strategies and programs encompassing paid, owned and earned spaces.

While a true jack-of-all-trades in the digital arena, his passion and expertise revolve around the creation of compelling, emotional content and nurturing online communities into highly engaged brand advocates. He’s a regular blogger, podcaster and speaker.

In his most recent endeavor, Gary has started his own digital agency and consultancy - East End Digital with a focus on delivering big ideas with actual business results.