Navigating the Touchpoint Revolution in a Connected World Webinar

Navigating the Touchpoint Revolution Webinar

July 14, 2016
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
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As today’s brands operate in an intensely connected world and amid an explosion of rapidly-evolving touchpoints, consumers’ relationships to brands have been dramatically altered.

In the past, customers followed a linear path to purchase and bought products and services through well-established channels. Now, customers have a personalized brand journey through multiple touchpoints of their choosing, and every one of these interactions can strengthen - or weaken – a brand.

How can businesses keep up in a world where touchpoints and their relative influence can shift so rapidly? How can they identify the impact a consumer’s experience with a given touchpoint has on their overall perception of the brand?

As managing touchpoints holistically becomes one of the biggest challenges marketers are facing today, forming a unified, connected view is the key to optimizing brand planning and maximizing ROI.

Webinar Sponsor: TNS

You Will Learn

How to better manage touchpoints holistically for your brand. This includes:

  • Engaging with today’s connected consumer
  • Identifying the touchpoints that have most impact on your brand
  • Managing touchpoints to drive profitable customer relationships
  • Using emotion coherently across touchpoints
  • Influencing shoppers on the path to purchase

Who Should Attend

Marketers, Brand managers, Consumer Insights professionals


Stephan Sigaud
Senior Vice-President – Marketing, TNS Canada

Stephan Sigaud is responsible for building the firm’s brand in the Canadian marketplace. A seasoned Market Research executive, he is an expert in the area of Customer Experience and brings to our clients 25+ years of expertise in that space. Stephan is passionate about helping clients generate and sustain growth through customer centric strategies. He brings to each client best practices from working with leading organizations across multiple industry sectors including education, financial services, hospitality, retail, technology, telecom, etc. He has worked with clients in B2C and B2B environments as well as associations and other clients in the non-profit sector.

Margot Acton
Senior Vice-President – Brand & Communications, TNS Canada

Margot leads the Brand & Communications Practice Area for TNS Canada and has 20+ years of experience in private and public sector market research. Margot has led some of TNS’ largest and most complex brand and communication tracking, market measurement and public opinion strategic engagements.