Marketing Councils

CMA Merketing Councils and Committees.  Collaborate with Leading Marketing Professionals.

Volunteer with the CMA

Join a council to provide thought-leadership for the marketing community!


  • Be seen by marketing professionals as a senior thought leader in your area of expertise.
  • Have opportunities to discuss key issues and emerging trends with other senior leaders.
  • Help elevate the marketing profession in Canada by identifying current issues and emerging trends and sharing key insights with the marketing community.
  • Grow your network with like-minded marketing professionals.
  • Have your application fee waived when you apply to become a Chartered Marketer (CM).


  • Attend at least 80% of meetings.
  • Actively participate in discussions and in the development and completion of initiatives.
  • Attend Council-focused events.
  • Apply for the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation through the Executive Advanced Standing path if you meet the qualifications. (Application fee is waived for Council members).
  • Promote CMA programs within your organization and business network.
  • Be an advocate for CMA membership.
  • Conduct yourself at CMA meetings and events in a professional manner, respecting the opinions of others and treating all with equality and dignity.



Our Councils are steering committees that:

  • Provide strategic insights and tools, including original content (articles, podcasts, videos, webinars and white papers) and curated content, to expose marketing professionals to ideas, and build trust in the power of marketing to transform business,
  • Help shape CMA events by providing guidance on themes and content and serving as moderators, and
  • Promote CMA thought leadership content and events through their networks and social channels.

The Councils were set up to support the CMA’s vision to

  • Create an environment for marketing to succeed,
  • Ensure the strategic role of marketing is recognized and valued in organizations, and
  • Help marketers grow through their careers and become exceptional business leaders.
  • Council members are established thought-leaders with diverse perspectives from a variety of sectors with significant expertise (brand or agency side, usually with a minimum of 8 years of experience) in a key area of marketing (see Council mandates below).
  • Each Council can have no more than one member from the same company/corporate group.
  • The Council term runs from September to August.
  • An orientation session is held in September with all Councils, where CMA management provides context and reviews Board priorities. Attendees then move to breakout sessions, where each Council begins shaping its workplan.
  • Minimum commitment is one Council term.
  • Currently, there is no maximum term of service.
  • Councils meet once per month and members work between meetings on specific initiatives. Time commitment is 5-7 hours per month.
  • Councils meet once in the summer, at a date to be determined. 
  • Councils are encouraged to create content throughout the year.
  • Councils meet at the CMA office in downtown Toronto or by video conference.
  • Councils establish a workplan with specific initiatives at the start of the Council term and manage/update project details and timeline as needed.
  • Council members collaborate to complete the initiatives. Some are done by the Council as a whole, others through sub-groups and others are prepared individually.
  • Initiatives are reviewed and approved by CMA before launching.
  • Council members are given the opportunity to attend a meeting of one other Council throughout the term and to consider initiatives that foster cross-Council collaboration.
  • Periodicall, the CMA hosts Thought Leaders Connected, where members of all Councils are invited to discuss a topic of broad interest to the marketing community.


Council Mandates 

B2B Council
The CMA B2B Council develops and facilitates a strong value proposition for business-to-business members. It does so by engaging the B2B community in thought leadership, education, interactive events, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Brand Council
The CMA Brand Council provides thought leadership on key trends and hot topics related to brand strategy for Canadian marketers and agency professionals.

Customer Experience Council
The CMA CX Council educates CMA members about Customer Experience and helps them drive Customer Centricity in their organizations by sharing knowledge and best practices that foster sustainable growth.

Insights Council
The CMA Insights Council provides thought leadership to Canadian marketers about leveraging data, analytics and consumer insights to improve business decision-making.

Martech Council
The CMA Martech Council provides thought leadership and insights to help marketers understand how to operate in the “new” through the use of technology, and is a leading source of information exploring evolving trends, human implications, business outcomes, and forward thinking leadership.

Media Council
The CMA Media Council voices diverse opinions and perspectives around current issues facing various facets of media - including clients, agencies, partners, technology, broadcasters and content - and guides the industry in making good decisions.

Not-For-Profit Council
The CMA Not-For-Profit Council serves the unique interests of Canadian NFP marketers and fundraisers through education, advocacy and engagement with other marketing professionals.

Talent Council (New in 2020-21)
The CMA Talent Council develops thought leadership, tools and best practices to foster exceptional talent, inspire creativity, ensure diversity, and elevate the ability of marketing to transform business.

Competition Law

Deceptive marketing practices are found under both the civil and criminal sections of the Competition Act. Even legitimate topics of conversation at Associaion meetings can go too far in entering into anti-competitive behaviour. The penalties for conspiracy under the Act were increased in 2009 to a maximum fine of $25 million and a maximum jail term of 14 years. Members attending CMA sessions must: "Exercise caution in [discussion], collection and dissemination of information regarding market shares, costs, legels of output, strategic or marketing plans and other similar types of information...Even if purpose is legitimate - benchmarking, lobbying, PR, etc. - the exchange of competitively sensitive information may raise issues under the Act."


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