Roy Gonsalves

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Roy Gonsalves

Senior Vice President, Client Development

Roy brings 20 years of market research experience to his role as Senior Vice President, Client Development with Delvinia. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of the largest global research companies in the industry with a focus on data collection.

Roy is adept at understanding his client’s needs and building a level of service and trust through intricate, reliable data collection solutions and quality data sets. This provides his clients with the confidence that their projects are being expertly handled and allows them to focus on their primary analytical responsibilities.

Roy has played an important role in the growth of AskingCanadians and is now responsible for ensuring the success of the company through new data collection opportunities, including Research Automation, Data Metering and Geo-Fencing.

Roy served on the MRIA’s Research Agency Council (RAC) where he worked to ensure the continuity, importance and relevancy of data and insights for all individuals within the market research industry; and was elected to the organization’s National Board of Directors in April 2018.  He now serves on the CMA Council for Insights and Analytics where he is helping marketers understand the changing landscape of data and insights.