Scot Riches

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Jan Kestle

Chief CRM Officer

Scot is a marketing communications leader with over 19 years of experience and a passion for innovative, data-driven solutions.  Based in Toronto, Scot is part of executive team at RI, a customer-focused 1:1 communications agency that holds some of Canada’s largest banks among the client list.

Early in his career, Scot fell in love with the combination of technology and marketing and the notion that art+science or left brain+right brain can come together to produce extraordinary results.  Over the past 19 years Scot has honed his experience in this area at various firms such as Loyalty One, DDB, FCB and RIVET across a wide spectrum of categories including healthcare, financial services, government and packaged goods.  

Scot is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, and holds an MBA from Dalhousie University where he spent time as a teaching assistant for one of Canada’s first courses on data mining and knowledge discovery.