Digital Marketing Council

Digital Marketing Council


The Digital Marketing Council’s goal is to share digital trends, proven strategies, new technologies and innovative forms of marketing communication. We collaborate with marketers and the marketing community to bring forward unique perspectives that will inform, enrich and inspire.

Elevator Pitch

The Digital Marketing Council addresses the importance of Digital as part of the marketing mix on both strategic and tactical levels through thought leadership activities, education and identifying emerging issues.

Core Focus Areas

  • Digital best practices
  • Digital strategy
  • Emerging trends and the application of sound marketing practices across the digital spectrum in areas such as websites, search, email, social media, content, advertising, mobile, analytics, video and eCommerce

Published Work

Podcast: The Internet of Things is Coming - In Conversation with ecobee VP of Product, Casey McKinnon

In this installment of the CMA Digital Marketing Council's podcast, council member Andrew Lane sits down with ecobee's VP of Product, Casey McKinnon to learn about the fast-growing Toronto startup and discuss the emerging world of the Internet of Things and it's potential to impact brands and marketers.

Special thanks to Mike Jacobs and his team at The New Business for audio recording and mixing for this episode.

Podcast: YouTube Influencers and the Power of Their Brands - in Conversation with Studio71

Andrew Lane from CMA's Digital Marketing Council sits down with Jordon Bortolotti, EVP and Co-Founder of the Canadian arm of one of the world's largest MCN's, Studio71.