Direct Marketing Council

Direct Marketing Council


The Direct Marketing Council identifies trends and best practices in Direct Marketing across any media or channel. The Council reports on business challenges, solutions and opportunities in the field of DM and provides leadership and education for CMA members.

Elevator Pitch

The Direct Marketing Council addresses Return on Marketing Investment, tools and techniques to improve marketing effectiveness and improving the knowledge base of novice to experienced direct marketers.

Core Focus Areas

  • Direct marketing
  • Data, analytics, and measurement
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing integration
  • DM creative

Council Members

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  Name Title Company

Published Work

Welcoming Sponsors: A Success Story

CMA's Direct Marketing Council is pleased to showcase a case study and success story presented by World Vision. To increase donor engagement and satisfaction, World Vision launched a multi-channel Welcome Series in partnership with Bassett Direct and Blue North. Discover how their strategic approach and close collaboration with partners created a personalized experience for donors and a greater impact in the field of child sponsorship.