Customer Experience Council

Customer Experience Council


The Customer Experience Council educates, shares, and leverages compelling customer experience initiatives and best practices that drive business results.

Elevator Pitch

The Customer Experience Council identifies, distills, and disseminates key marketing and channel related insights that deliver profitable enhanced customer experiences.

Core Focus Areas

  • Branding
  • Marketing communications
  • Sales and service
  • Operations
  • Channels
  • Organizational culture
  • Technology

Published Work

The Business of Disruption: Is It Really Just Better Customer Experience?

Disruption can be defined as "interrupting the normal progress or activity" and that is exactly what many companies are experiencing. Industries are being redefined, products redeveloped, but in the end, is it just better customer experience? The intention of this paper is to put the customer in focus once again. Wealthsimple, Whole Foods and Netflix might be disrupting their industries but what they have really done is gone back to the basics by aligning business objectives with their constantly evolving customers' needs. Creating great customer experience doesn't have to be a hassle. Delivering a unique, personalized experience by identifying consumer need is a winning formula.