Martech Council

NEW IN 2018-19


The Martech Council provides thought leadership and insights to help marketers understand how to operate in the “new” through the use of technology, and is a leading source of information exploring evolving trends, human implications, business outcomes, and forward thinking leadership.

Council Members 2018-19

  Name Title Company
  Brent Chaters: Chair Head of Digital Customer & Marketing Practice (Canada) Accenture
  Katia Houbiguian: Vice-Chair CMO Microsoft
  Amy Gardner Sr. Director – Digital & Media Loblaw Companies
  Dan McPhee Head Media Platforms, Network,
Indy and Channel Partners
  Dan Radu President Macromator Inc
  Devin Sawyer VP, Digital, Social & Content Marketing TD
  Geoff Linton CEO Inbox Marketer
  Jeremy Cain Senior Enterprise Account Executive Adobe
  Joaquim Miro Partner & CMO MLG Blockchain
  Joshua McCreight Assistant Director, Programmatic
Media & Platform Management
Government of Ontario
  Luxy Thuraisingam Director, Digital Performance Marketing Rogers
  Maggie Bettinson Country Manager, Canada Return Path
  Paul Lacap Director, Digital Strategy & Engagement University of Manitoba
  Shawn Mandel CDO Telus
  Wayne  Thompson Industry Manager, Tech, Telco and Entertainment Facebook

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