Patricia McQuillan

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Patricia McQuillan

President & Founder
Brand Matters 

With a knack for strategic thinking and distilling complex branding challenges to their fundamental essence, Patricia founded Brand Matters in 2000, building on her extensive brand and marketing career including consumer packaged goods and financial services.

With a specialization in strategic branding with a focus on key stakeholder alignment, Patricia ensures on-brand solutions in achieving client objectives. Patricia's collaborative approach and team of branding experts work together seamlessly to surpass client branding and business objectives. 

Patricia is active in the Canadian marketing industry as a Council Member of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), where she continues to leverage best practices in brand-building for the Canadian marketing industry. Previously she served on the Board of the CMA as well as Chair of the Branding Council. In 2014 Patricia was recognized as a global branding expert and was selected by the Standards Council of Canada to represent Canada in the development of a new international standard (ISO 20671) for Brand Evaluation for which continues to participate and Chair the Canadian Mirror Committee for TC 289. Patricia travels the world as a keynote speaker on the topic of branding and continues to lead Brand Matters’ successful brand consulting practice.