Jason Egbuna

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Jason Egbuna

Manager of Direct Marketing, Leadership Giving
The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation 

Over the past 15 years, Jason has developed a wide background in marketing, using his experience in research, media, data processing and fundraising in an integrated nature to deliver successful campaigns. 

Jason has carved out a fundraising niche within the healthcare sector, as he is currently the Manager of Direct Marketing, Leadership Giving at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, with previous management positions at CAMH Foundation and Sunnybrook Foundation. At The Princess Margaret, Jason has continued to drive growth, building on a successful platform and exceeding budget. He has delivered successful campaigns and created strong relationships with internal departments.

Jason is passionate about the balance between data and creative and strives to find the right donors for each campaign, engaging them with content that is thoughtful, informative and emotional.  His underlying thought process is that you don’t have to market to everybody, but the people you do market to need to believe that campaign was specifically meant for them.