CMA Partnerships Surpass $1 Million Mark


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As Canada’s leading marketing association, the Canadian Marketing Association continues to evolve with the help of top agencies, media properties and brands. 

Why Partner With CMA?

  • CMA provides proven engagement, exposure and activation opportunities for Canada’s top organizations to accelerate their B2B goals.
  • CMA is the largest national marketing association that provides partnerships on both sides of the marketing table – brands and agencies – to build their business, network and profile. 
  • CMA is the trusted leader, based on numerous research studies, for Canadian marketers as it relates to events, education, advocacy and marketing intel.


Key Partnership Wins

What have been the success stories as a result of these partnerships?  CMA partnerships have led to:

  • New Business Wins
  • Retaining & Attracting Top Talent
  • Capturing Marketing Awards
  • Increased Awareness
  • Prospect Engagement


How Can You Win With CMA?

This year and next, CMA is seeking long-term, strategic and creatively-activated partnerships in the following areas (with specific examples):

  • Creative services (graphic design, copywriting, printing)
  • Content creation (marketing intel, blogging, photography)
  • Service providers (legal, office supplies, translation, couriers)
  • Technical support (database, CRM, telecom, survey services)
  • Travel and hosting (meeting and event spaces, hotel, car service)

If you’d like to discuss how to take your business to the next level with CMA, please contact so we can personalize a partnership package to meet your objectives.

- Tim Bishop, VP Marketing & Member Engagement, Canadian Marketing Association