CMA Responds to Federal Government’s PIPEDA Reform Proposals

The CMA was pleased to respond to the federal government’s May 2019 Proposals to Modernize the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The spirit of PIPEDA, since its inception and into the future, is based on a balance between embracing the enormous social and economic benefits of data use for Canadians while protecting their individual right to privacy. The CMA is providing recommendations in six key areas to preserve this important balance under a reformed law: PIPEDA’s general structure, consent and transparency, third-party processing, codes and certifications, enforcement and data mobility. In light of the challenges faced by international frameworks like the GDPR, the submission urges government to preserve the strengths of PIPEDA as principles-based, technology neutral and not overly prescriptive.

The CMA is involved in continued discussions with officials on PIPEDA reform. For questions or comments regarding this submission, please contact Fiona Wilson, Director of Government Relations.