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The Business of Innovation

The Business of Innovation: A new mindset powering Canadian organizations
CMA spoke with executives at Plastic Mobile, GE Canada, and MasterCard Canada about what innovation means to their company, how they organize themselves to foment innovation, and the role of marketing in the innovation process... more

Using Digital Solutions to Enhance the Customer Experience

Using Digital Solutions to Enhance the Customer Experience
In an increasingly omni-channel world, consumers crave information and the digital technology that helps them make more informed purchase decisions. Now they expect their favourite brands to follow suit and adopt solutions that will deliver a more intimate, engaging shopping experience... more

Bullish on Marketing

Bullish on Marketing: Canadian CEOs on the rise of marketing’s power
Marketing has become a much more powerful business tool these days and it’s something in which businesses need to have more confidence going forward. Consumer needs and wants... more

CMA Podcast

The importance of social selling in B2B
‎Many B2B marketers are only now recognizing just how important it is to align their marketing efforts with the ad hoc social selling that’s happening online... more

CMA Publication

Canadian Marketing Association Marketing Facts // 2015 Edition

Marketing Facts // What You Need to Know Now
Marketing Facts 2015 is the latest edition of CMA's annual publication, released in December 2014. With curated content from over 70 sources, you'll find the statistics, benchmarks, analyses and trending information to support marketing planning and decision making ...more

Marketing's Influence in Canada

Marketing’s Influence in Canada in an Evolving Digital Economy
Prepared for CMA by The Conference Board of Canada, 2012. An authoritative examination of marketing; from its traditional roots to what it looks like today — to what business leaders can expect over the next five years. ...more