The Business of Innovation: A new mindset powering Canadian organizations

The Business of Innovation: A new mindset powering Canadian organizations

Earlier this year, 59% of marketers told us that innovation is a key focus area in their organization, with just one in four (25%) rating their company’s innovation initiatives as highly successful.

While not all companies can make significant investments in research and technology, there are attributes that companies who say they are invested in innovation share, which can be generalized across most companies. These include being proactive, having the right leadership, investing in people and in intelligence, involving marketing early on, embracing entrepreneurialism and technological innovation to solve problems, forming external collaborations and productive partnerships, and re-organizing around structure.

CMA spoke with executives at Plastic Mobile, GE Canada, and MasterCard Canada about what innovation means to their company, how they organize themselves to foment innovation, and the role of marketing in the innovation process.



Executive Insights:

  • Sep Seyedi, CEO, Plastic Mobile, on what it takes to be nimble and proactive in the mobile space.
  • Simon Olivier, VP Strategy, M&A & Chief Commercial Officer, GE Canada, on how the industrial internet is becoming the glue that binds all of GE’s efforts around innovation.
  • Milos Vranesevic, Head of Marketing, MasterCard Canada, on the company’s repositioning as a technology company with a focus on safety and security to drive innovation.

Key Take-Aways

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