Bullish on Marketing: Canadian CEOs on the rise of marketing’s power

Bullish on Marketing: Canadian CEOs on the rise of marketing’s power

Executive Summary

Marketing has become a much more powerful business tool these days and it’s something in which businesses need to have more confidence going forward. Consumer needs and wants are changing constantly and quicker than ever, as are the ways in which they interact with brands. CEOs tell us that marketing is proving to be a key driver of business success, much of this tied to the kinds of insights marketing has into the overall customer experience and its ability to impact that experience by touching all aspects of a business’s operations.

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Marketing has the power to make or break relationships between brands and consumers. Increasingly, marketing is informing the way in which organizations do business, more so as a key strategic driver that impacts how they operate.

As the role of marketing evolves internally, so too is the role of the CMO. Marketing executives are, to a much greater extent, being called upon to tie together disparate areas within the organization. More and more they’re being called upon to lead. Their responsibilities within their role and within their business are broadening. They’re becoming a louder and more essential voice within the C-suite, and increasingly, they’re starting to look more like CEOs-in-waiting. There’s never been a better time to have confidence in marketing’s power.


Marketing Brews Up Trust in a Food Services Company
McDonald’s Canada CEO John Betts tells us how the company reconnected with consumers over a great coffee program, crediting it with building a different standing with Canadians. This allowed the company to open up and tell their story with the launch of “Our Food. Your Questions”. As McDonald’s continues to build on themes of connection, strengthen brand trust and brand love, it’s marketing, in partnership with the C-suite, that’s leading the charge.

Q & A with Antoinette Benoit, SVP, National Marketing, McDonald’s Canada

Marketing as Champion of a Financial Brand’s Transformation
Intact Financial Corporation CEO Charles Brindamour shares how the Intact financial brand was born and is growing in Canada; how marketing became the internal asset that steered the company’s actions, differentiated it from competitors, and is now a key driver of the strategic development of the company. Marketing’s increased importance is a reflection of how customer experience has become a crucial business differentiator.

Q & A with Anna Rajpat, VP, Brand Development and Customer Experience, Intact Insurance

Marketing as Change Agent at a B2B Technology & Services Company
Xerox Canada CEO Al Varney looks to marketing to help the company respond better to what customers want — and evolve the way the company communicates and interacts with customers. A CEO with previous careers in marketing, he knows firsthand the mistakes that can happen when marketing’s not managed well, recognizing the importance of close alignment between CEO and head of marketing, who at Xerox, is a key strategic advisor to the business.

 Q & A with Dee-Ann Lama, VP Marketing, Xerox Canada

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