Connected Life 2016

Connected Life 2016

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with TNS, Connected Life, which enables you to build an understanding of how connectivity has changed consumer behaviour.

Powering your integrated marketing
With an ever increasing number of touch points and the opportunity to truly market to an audience of one, defining how to best drive results is harder than ever.

Connected Life from TNS enables you to build an understanding of how connectivity has changed consumer behaviour in your category.

Better insight into your consumer’s full ecosystem of influences empowers you to develop content and connection strategies that will resonate throughout their customer journey.

Connected Life helps you to make better decisions in a connected world.

Connect with new insights
Representing 90% of the online population, Connected Life offers essential insight into the on and offline touch points that you need to deploy to deliver truly integrated marketing.

It enables marketers to build connection strategies in this increasingly complex environment, by focussing on six major opportunities:

  • Benchmark consumer connectivity
  • Improve touch point planning
  • Drive engagement and advocacy
  • Smooth the connected shopper journey
  • Activate connected shoppers
  • Improve connected customer satisfaction

About the study
Connected Life provides the world’s most comprehensive view of the connected consumer, enabling the development of connection strategies for markets, targets and consumer segments.

Geographic reach
The study covers 60,500 consumers from 50 markets around the world.

Media consumption, device infrastructure, digital activities, daypart usage, research/purchase (online and offline), respondent profiles, category touch points, online customer service.

The new 2016 study will be available in September.

Customised reports
All our reports are customised to focus on the client’s key target group with clear actionable insights.

A segmentation approach is included in the study, examining the extent to which people are connected and their social influence. This segmentation will be applicable to any existing study and can be compared with findings from Connected Life 2014.