Using Digital Solutions to Enhance the Customer Experience

Using Digital Solutions to Enhance the Customer Experience

In an increasingly omni-channel world, consumers crave information and the digital technology that helps them make more informed purchase decisions. Now they expect their favourite brands to follow suit and adopt solutions that will deliver a more intimate, engaging shopping experience.

Using Digital Solutions to Enhance the Customer Experience is based on a CMA/LoyaltyOne study of Canadian consumers’ awareness, interest and adoption of location-based technology, conducted in July 2015. The report makes the case that consumers are ready for and open to beacon technology in particular, in contrast to research that shows retailers industry-wide remain slow to execute digitally-driven omni-channel retail strategies. As explained in the report, for those retailers leveraging digital technologies to connect with shoppers, there is one caveat: The technology itself is but one step of the process – a number of elements need to be in place for such implementations to benefit the shopper and retailer.

Key stats:

  • 85% of shoppers own a smartphone or tablet
  • 62% have used their mobile devices specifically to support their in-store shopping experience
  • 86% of consumers are aware of location-based technology
  • 56% have used beacon technology at some point while shopping; the most appealing feature is receiving rewards relevant to their location (62%) followed by receiving alerts, such as notification of a sale (56%)
  • 60% of shoppers that own a mobile device said they are more likely to engage in geo-marketing programs such as beacons, if they can set timing preferences on when notifications are sent

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