The Key Digital Strategies of the Retail Industry in Canada

The Key Digital Strategies of the Retail Industry in Canada

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with TC Media, the latest insights, best practices and innovations in the digital retail space.  Please note for the full content in this complimentary 132-page e-book, some basic information must be shared prior to download. 

In this fragmented media world, retailers and service providers of every industry have multiple, often overlapping, opportunities to connect with consumers. Though tried-and-true channels like printed flyers can still be highly effective, there’s no single channel that reaches everyone, and as digital channels develop and grow, every retailer in today’s market - no matter the sector - is facing tough business decisions around integrating their cross-channel marketing strategies.

We have developed this Guide as a resource to help marketers in the retail sector. For the last 40 years, we have been in the business of building engagement between brands and consumers. Through our marketing services and advertising offering, we’ve empowered Canada’s leading brands to successfully integrate new and exciting digital products and

platforms into their marketing-communications strategies, and have partnered with major retailers across Canada to bring their most valuable promotions to consumer audiences - all with the goal of improving seller-buyer engagement at every step along the consumer path to purchase.

We invite you to read this new Guide, which expands upon our experience in the marketplace, and offers a comprehensive view of the Canadian retail ecosystem and best practices for the creation and distribution of promotional content in Canada.

In the following pages, we aim to educate stakeholders involved in promotions delivery and distribution within Canada, and view the retail promotions ecosystem as a network of major factors that influence the seller-buyer relationship. The Guide will inform you about key nuances in consumer buying behaviour and offers recommendations on how you may use insights on such themes as audience composition, market categories, location based, and promotions listing usability, to build better engagement and drive increased sales with your most valued target audiences.