Debunking the Millennial Myth: Data Over Demographics

Debunking the Millennial Myth: Data Over Demographics

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with LoyaltyOne, in-depth insights into how Millennial myths are debunked and what shopper segments are vital for marketers.

No matter where we turn, from pop culture and pop news to real news and academic research to Wall Street and Main Street, everyone is scrutinizing, evaluating and dissecting the Millennial cohort for crumbs and clues on how to reach them, understand them and market to them.

But beyond the buzz and their current influence over businesses, brands and retailers, and beyond their apparent propensity to live online and confound our expectations, who are Millennials? And are they really even any one thing? LoyaltyOne Global Solutions decided to dig a little deeper to decipher and understand who Millennials really are and in the process unravel the myth surrounding the elusive Millennial.

Key Takeaways (Myths Debunked):

  • Millennials are marketers’ most valuable demographic
  • Millennials have different needs and expectations
  • Millennials are a cohesive group

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