Moving at the Speed of Millennials

Moving at the Speed of Millennials

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with Twitter, the latest insights on using Twitter as the ideal platform to reach Millennials.

As a generation of influencers, Millennials mean an awful lot to your bottom line.

Plenty of things excite Millennials and they’re not shy about sharing. They know if something’s lit (or not.) They’ve got a firm grasp on expectation vs. reality. They get what “Retweet to save a life” means and they love when something gives them #allthefeels.

Engaging Millennials with your brand has to happen quickly, otherwise they’ve moved on to something else before you can say “buckle up.” The key is to bring them closer to the culture that matters most to them and to get them there as fast as possible.

Canadian Millennials use different social platforms for different reasons, but they choose Twitter more often when they want to know what’s happening — when they want an instant connection to the people and things they care about. After all, Twitter is the birthplace of so much of their culture. Think hashtags (#relationshipgoals). Think trends (#MannequinChallenge).Think celebrity responses to popular memes (who doesn’t want to watch Ryan Gosling eating cereal?).

Twitter is also their ideal platform through which to connect with your brand — and that, you might say, makes Twitter your new best friend.



Key Takeaways:

  • Why Canadian Millennials use Twitter …and why you should care
  • How can you tap into #MillennialsOnTwitter?
  • Be present, be relevant, and insert yourself into the conversation

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