PepsiCo Test Cinemagraphs in Facebook Ads

PepsiCo Test Cinemagraphs in Facebook Ads


CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with Flixel, a case study on how how PepsiCo put a twist on their strategy with cinemagraphs for Facebook advertising.

Given their incredible brand presence around the globe and ever-expanding food and beverage product lines, PepsiCo is well-versed in how to generate top-of-mind positioning amongst their consumers. With their new lemon-lime beverage Mist Twst, they wanted to stay true to the brand’s mission of exposing people to dynamic stories and experiences with a new approach in Facebook advertising. Learn how PepsiCo put a twist on their strategy with cinemagraphs.

PepsiCo turned to cinemagraphs — a visual medium that blends photo and video in magical new ways — as an alternative to still photos in their campaign for Mist Twst. Aware of their thumb-stopping power and low production costs, PepsiCo decided to compare cinemagraphs against still photo ads on Facebook in a split A/B test to see how they would impact their engagement and contribute to their larger brand awareness story.



Key Takeaways:

PepsiCo saw incredible lifts as a result of their cinemagraph ad, including:

  • Increased click through rates: Ads using cinemagraphs saw a 75% lift in overall click through rates over image based ads. The still photo ad saw a 0.27% CTR vs a 0.47% CTR on the cinemagraph.
  • Increased Engagement: Facebook measures engagement in way that also accounts for video views on top of likes, comments and shares, and cinemagraphs saw a phenomenal 51X lift in engagement owing to it.
  • Of the people who chose to watch the video, 22% of them chose to stay and watch the whole 12 second cinemagraph loop, pointing to the other big advantage of longer dwell times found in living photos.

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