Revolutionize Your Commerce Experience: Start with these Five Approaches

Revolutionize Your Commerce Experience: Start with these Five Approaches

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with Sitecore, the latest white paper on integrated content and commerce systems and examples of how your marketing and commerce departments can benefit from these platforms.

In a market where 78% of consumers abandon a transaction or purchase because of poor service, businesses need to personalize and customize their interactions with customers to remain competitive. A truly personalized customer experience, framed in the context of the consumer’s previous buying patterns and behaviors as well as their current interactions, can mean the difference between engaged, loyal customers or lost business for your company. Read on to discover five examples of how a natively integrated content and commerce platform delivers a far superior commerce experience for your customer, your marketing and commerce departments, and your brand overall.




Key Takeaways:

  • Why your customer experience should be about “who” the customer is rather than “what” they’ve bought
  • How your pricing tactics can become more effective when you base them on customer preferences rather than product inventory data
  • How to find the balance between knowing customers’ existing needs and predicting what they’ll want next

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