Targeting Audiences with Mobile Advertising

Targeting Audiences with Mobile Advertising

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with Addictive Mobility, on how to target audiences with mobile advertising.

The pursuit of the marketer has always been to define the most lucrative target market and position a message in a way that appeals to its needs. While this remains to be a key principle in media buying strategies, the degree to which brands can define and target audiences has evolved due to the access of considerable amount of raw consumer data. Mobile marketing is at the forefront of this is evolution, and here we discuss how it generates data that not only defines audiences, but also paves way for further actionable targeting techniques.

Mobile ad tech is able to decipher more consumer data than other traditional media channels. This allows solution providers to build richer audience profiles for more relevant targeting.




Key Takeaways:

With the evolution of audience targeting, brands can enrich their understanding of the consumer by:

  • Gathering data from mobile ad bidding process

    or go further by

  • Integrating with data management platforms and building custom audience