The CX Stakes Are High

The CX Stakes Are High

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with Bond Brand Loyalty, the latest research on designing and implementing an effective communication strategy for CX change initiatives.

It’s a scary number. 70 percent of change initiatives fail and with them, the ability for an organization to compete in a hypercompetitive marketplace. The truth is that for any initiative requiring a change in frontline or channel partner behavior, unless an effective communication strategy envelopes the program, the likelihood of the program’s success will significantly decrease. The stakes are high and there’s a lot riding on the results.

The purpose of this white paper is to provide you with some ideas on how a successful CX communication strategy works, what it should include, and how it should be rolled out to your frontline employees and channel partners. Its development relies heavily on Bond’s extensive knowledge of consumer experience, communications and employee engagement that has been honed over many years of experience.




Key Takeaways:

The communication strategy for a CX change initiative should be designed to curate, create and cascade CX communications that play a key role in allowing you, your frontline employees, and your channel partners to achieve the core objectives for the overall program. Not all of these might apply to your organization, but objectives tend to fall into four categories.

  1. Achieve a competitive advantage by delivering differentiated, transformational, and best-in-class sales and service experiences for your customers.
  2. Create a consumer-focused culture within the company, its frontline employees, and its channel partners.
  3. Deliver a best-in-class experience for customers through all touch points of the buying and ownership experience, whether directly with the customer through frontline employees or indirectly via your channel partners.
  4. Improve customer loyalty and advocacy to be best in class.

How do you develop a communication strategy that will change behavior?

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