Women’s Leadership Survey

Women’s Leadership Survey

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with American Express Canada, a survey to look at female ambition in Canada.

Can women have it all? New research commissioned by American Express Canada and Women of Influence suggests a more pertinent question for 2016—do they even want it all? With the workplace and landscape of life changing rapidly and the word success being redefined, this research examines the state of female ambition in Canada, looking at what, if anything, is holding women back.

According to the new research, Canadian female entrepreneurs1 and corporate workers2 are divided when it comes to career ambition. Approximately half agree they would describe themselves as ambitious in their career (51%) and are highly motivated to advance their career further (47%). Among corporate workers, even fewer believe it is achievable to reach the c-suite3 (32%), and less than a third (28%) aspire to it.

"As a company that supports the advancement of women and balanced leadership, we're excited to partner with Women of Influence to better understand what motivates women to advance in their careers," said Naomi Titleman, Vice President, Human Resources, American Express Canada. "The disparity shown between women who are ambitious in their careers and those who believe the c-suite is achievable suggests companies have a role in helping these ambitious women to reach their full potential."

The research suggests Canadian female entrepreneurs and corporate workers believe they have the skills it takes to be a successful leader4. Why then, are there not more corporate women aspiring to the c-suite?