YOUR Brand can't be omni-channel if your data isn't

YOUR Brand can't be omni-channel if your data isn't

It's not about being online or offline; the question facing brands today is how to be inline with changing consumer expectations. Here's a hint: it involves doing away with the digital divide. Increasingly digitally savvy consumers are demanding seamless, cross-channel experiences from their favourite brands.

YOUR Brand can't be omni-channel if your data isn't: CMA Leadership White Paper/Report

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This paper explores how traditional and digital data, through the evaluation of data sources, methodologies and tools, can intersect in order to facilitate an effective omni-channel experience.


The deal with the data: What to watch out for
As we move from transactional data, which is structured, pre-defined and predictive, to interaction data, data elements such as timing, location, structure, sequencing and stewardship become increasingly more significant. Understanding them is critical to figuring out how to bridge the digital divide.

Identify your customer
To be omni-channel, brands need to uniquely identify individuals so profiles can be created. Here we look at data types and strategies to tap into their sources.

Get to know your customer
Digitally enabled data is helping marketers to paint a better picture of their audiences, allowing them to facilitate more relevant, timely and valuable interactions. How to cultivate this treasure trove of data is explored.

Make it mobile
It's a given that mobile will play an increasingly important role in our lives. Here we look at mobile technology and techniques brands are leveraging to engage consumers and capture rich data.

Organizations need to re-organize
Corporations must manage the flow, accessibility and use of their digital and traditional data in an integrated fashion. And there's a number of approaches that are catching on.

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