Canadian Job Opportunities in AI Have Grown by Nearly 500%

Canadian Job Opportunities in AI Have Grown by Nearly 500%

With the rise of AI and machine learning startups in Canada’s tech ecosystem, the Canadian government and other institutions have also dedicated more funding towards AI research. Canada’s potential as a global AI leader is reflected in the nearly 500% growth of Canadian AI jobs since 2015.

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A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing

Rapid changes in digital marketing have prompted brands and ad agencies to recalibrate talent for the next generation. Here are ten of the hot jobs that will be in-demand for the next several years, including Chief Experience Officers, Bot developers and Mixed-reality designers.

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2017 Retail Outlook - Holiday in July

The average retailer earns 40% of their revenue during the holiday season. With this much at stake, use this latest report to learn how to optimize your customers’ journey, analyze the issues/influences affecting your brand and uncover what your customers really need and want.

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Who Won the War of the CXOs?

As C-suites navigate through budget season, Marketing and IT teams often clash on technology spending. In this newest blog post, find out if your organization’s Marketing and IT relationships fall under these four main categories.

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What’s Cooking in Canada: 3 Recent Food Trends

Canadian food tastes and preferences always change rapidly; however, these latest insights by Think with Google uncover three recent food trends that are here to stay. Discover how Canadians think about multicultural cuisine, healthy eating and food consumption/waste.

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