CX Intention vs. Impact

CX Intention vs. Impact: Making Sense of the Ever-Evolving Retail Shopper Journey

In this latest webinar, discover insights on how retailers around the world can best adapt to the changes facing the ever-transforming retail industry, meet customer expectations and create a unified shopper journey across all channels.

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Customer Experience: Lack of Deliberate Strategy

Consistency is key to ensure a company’s brand is depicted seamlessly across all channels, creating a unified experience for the customer. Learn how to centralize your strategy to create positive experiences and connections for your customers.

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Must Reads from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council #40

Facebook’s new messaging app deepens the debate on social media for kids. Find out what the top holiday season digital trends are. Discover why 2018 is the year chatbots join the enterprise. To learn about all these topics and more, check out these newest Digital Must Reads!

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Business Design: What It's About and How Marketers Can Apply It

Companies, especially in the tech industry, are using Business Design to a greater degree. But what is it? As a human-centered approach to innovation, learn how the concept applies the principles and practices of design to create marketing value and allows for a competitive advantage.

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Charities of the Year: Canada’s Most Efficient and Accountable Charities

In this annual report, Canadian charities are put to the test to highlight the sector’s best examples of financial prudence and transparency. Because donors have a right to know what’s happening with their money, this list showcases which charities are the most accountable.

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