How We Can Close Advertising’s Biggest Gap

How We Can Close Advertising’s Biggest Gap

The advertising industry is closing in on UX, audience experience and creativity. However, it’s missing a key component: empathy. Discover how brands and agencies can better understand consumers’ motivations and self-assess creative efforts.

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2016 Year-End Country Satisfaction

According to this Ipsos year-end report, Canadians end the year with the highest level of country satisfaction since 2010. These levels correlate with economic attitudes, as Canadians have an increasingly positive attitude toward our economic future.

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Consumer Reviews Useful but Risky if not Weighed Critically

When making purchase decisions, consumers are relying on online consumer reviews at an increased rate. These latest findings assess the challenges facing both businesses and consumers when affected by potentially negative, extreme or fake consumer reviews.

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International Incentive Letter-post Price Changes Coming

On January 16, Canada Post will introduce price adjustments to its International Incentive Letter-Post service. All three categories of service will increase by an overall weighted average of 3.1% to reflect the value of the service, inflation and increased costs.

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Top 5 Reasons Alcohol Companies Make Bad Sponsorship Deals

People forge strong emotional product connections when they consume alcohol in recreational environments. Learn how alcohol companies should properly value partnerships, sponsorship assets and audience targets for the most effective results.

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