Introducing John Wiltshire: CMA’s New President & CEO

Introducing John Wiltshire: CMA’s New President & CEO

CMA is pleased to showcase a feature interview introducing John Wiltshire, our new President & CEO, in the latest edition (July/August 2017) of the Direct Marketing Magazine. Find out how CMA is enriching the marketing profession with the new Chartered Marketer Designation.

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Government Releases Proposed Security Breach Regulations

The anticipated draft of PIPEDA's Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations was recently published. Organizations have 30 days to comment as part of the formal stakeholder consultation process. CMA will collect input from our members and submit a government submission.

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Customer Experience: Lack of Linking to Business Objectives

To prioritize customer experience, an organization should link all initiatives to business objectives – but how do you measure an experience? Discover four ways to connect your CX strategies to key measurement tactics, from contact centres to human resources.

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Canadian Retailers: Are you realizing the full value of your online advertising?

Today, 77% of in-store purchases are influenced by digital. This latest article looks at how one of Canada’s leading retailers uncovered the offline value of their online ads by using store visit conversion data to understand the omnichannel impact of its digital ads.

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CASL Workshop 2.0: CASL Faces Parliamentary Review

With CASL’s upcoming parliamentary review, it’s critical for Canadian marketers to understand CASL’s most challenging policies. Join other practitioners at the upcoming CASL Workshop (Oct 5), led by anti-spam experts, to navigate real-world scenarios together.

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