Marketing in a World of Fragmented Media

Marketing in a World of Fragmented Media

Now that targeting messages across media channels is no longer a dream but a reality, learn why some campaigns still fail to live up to expectations. Here are 5 ways data analytics companies and ad agencies can work together to connect with their consumers.

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Analytics Priorities for 2018: Informing Decisions, Achieving Results

Find out four common issues in 2017 that prevented organizations from realizing the potential of their data-led initiatives, as well as four priorities for 2018 that will result in a greater chance of success for their data and analytics efforts.

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CASL: Clarifications are in Order

The Parliamentary Committee on CASL has issued its Report, concluding that “the Act and its regulations require clarifications to reduce the cost of compliance and better focus enforcement. Provisions defining CEM, consent, and “business-to-business” messages, among others, warrant the attention of the Government of Canada.”

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Customer Experience: Lack of Organizational Culture

In this latest blog post, find out how to align your organization’s culture and core values with your customer experience. Uncover why genuine, sustainable and meaningful culture is the key to a successful execution of your customer experience strategy.

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New Ontario Reward Points Regulations (Jan 1)

As of January 1, 2018, new regulations are set to take effect in Ontario. These regulations are designed to restrict the expiry of rewards points collected by consumers while not impeding strong competition among loyalty programs.

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