New 2016 Compliance Report: AdChoices Accountability Program

New 2016 Compliance Report: AdChoices Accountability Program

Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) recently released an AdChoices report highlighting how participating companies implemented the program throughout 2016. CMA is a participant in AdChoices and CMA's VP Government & Consumer Affairs, Wally Hill, serves as Chair of the DAAC Board and Executive.

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7 Reasons Why Every Canadian Small Business Should Fall in Love with the Cloud

When companies think of the cloud, they often assume that the associated tools are reserved for large organizations. In this blog post, find out why the cloud is also accessible to small businesses and how they can take advantage of this technology.

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Data & Analytics Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council

How do you visualize market research data? What makes a great data scientist? How do you transform insight into action using social media intelligence? Read about these data and analytics hot topics and more, curated by CMA’s Analytics Council.

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Moving at the Speed of Millennials

Canadian Millennials use social platforms to keep updated on what’s happening around them and to feel instant connections to their world. To engage this group with your brand, learn how to use Twitter to bring Millennials closer to the culture that matters the most to them as fast as possible.

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Brands of the future: The companies that move Gen Z

Gen Z is next in line after Millennials to determine consumer behaviour. These latest insights from Ipsos Canada examine the “Most Influential Brands” in Canada for Gen Z, as many of these brand allegiances often stay with consumers as they age.

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