Numbers that Matter to Canadians in 2017

Numbers that Matter to Canadians in 2017

From Canada on the world stage, to money, immigration, health, the environment and social cohesion, the latest Public Perspectives report examines the critical numbers from 2017. These 20 numbers can help guide your marketing decisions as we kick off the new year.

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Recommended Reading from CMA’s Media Council #1

How will the content explosion invert the media industry? Learn how to define, evaluate and validate target audiences. Facebook opens an AR platform to all developers. Discover these topics and more in the first edition of CMA’s Media Council recommended reading list.

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Yes, Men Coupon -- And 5 Other Things to Know About Male Shoppers

Increasingly, men are outpacing women when it comes to making important household spending decisions, such as apparel and grocery shopping. Find out six shopping habits that men wish retailer marketers would pick up on.

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Machine Learning for Non-Engineers

In this keynote presentation, Adam Green, Google Canada’s Cloud Platform Lead, outlined areas where marketers can make the most of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to add value for their clients.                

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Data & Analytics Bi-Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council #5

What’s your data strategy? Discover how to integrate machine intelligence and human intuition. How do you use people analytics to drive business performance? In the newest blog post from CMA’s Analytics Council, see what the best data and analytics reads are today.

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