Target the (Whole) Market to Grow Your Brands

Target the (Whole) Market to Grow Your Brands

These latest findings extensively review global marketing data to determine how brands can grow their market share. The research drew two conclusions: first, grow your brand by targeting the whole market and second, mass media is critical, with TV advertising as the best tool for driving growth.

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Tackling Inconsistent Brand Experiences

Customer journey has widely evolved, as customers take different paths to purchase, each using the Internet in their own way. In this growing environment with multiple offline and online touchpoints, how do brands create a consistent brand experience?

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Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #28

David Bowie’s 1999 interview on the future of the Internet. How are Instagram Stories doing compared to competitors? Discover Apple's AI research secrets from their new head of machine learning. Read on to discover the top must-read picks from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council.

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CASL Workshop: Prepare Yourself for Private Right of Action

Tackle some of the anti-spam law's most challenging aspects in intimate groups of CASL practitioners, facilitated by CASL experts. With Private Right of Action around the corner, gain the latest insights and tips on ensuring compliance with CASL.

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Companies Must Back Up Environmental Claims

The Competition Bureau issued this week its first #BusinessAlert on greenwashing or the practice of making false or misleading environmental ads or claims. Please consult the CMA Code of Ethics, Section P, for more information on your responsibilities as a CMA member.

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