The Internet of Things is Coming

Podcast: The Internet of Things is Coming

In this installment of the Digital Marketing Council's podcast series, Andrew Lane sits down with ecobee's Casey McKinnon, VP of Product, to learn about the fast-growing Toronto startup. He discusses the emerging world of the Internet of Things and its potential to impact brands and marketers.

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The C-Suite Talks Marketing: Richard Marcil

Continuing the C-Suite video series, CMA talks marketing with Richard Marcil, President at Ariad Communications. He's talking all about change: how the role of the agency has changed, how technology has changed marketing, how tech has changed the role of the CMO, plus more.

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What to offer your customers: The personalized approach 101

Everyday life has been digitized into bits of information that fill data warehouses. With this wealth of knowledge on hand, how do retailers take advantage to build customer loyalty and engagement? Learn how to use personalization to reach the right customer at the right time.

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Gender intelligent design: what brands, product designers and customer services need to know

As the world slowly works towards gender equality and new definitions of femininity/masculinity, how are brands evolving their advertising, product design and customer service? Learn how to use gender intelligent design to promote positive change and to tap into new sales growth categories.

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Support early in life crucial for women in IT

At a CMA event earlier this year, top women leaders in the tech sector offer advice on building a successful career in a traditionally male-dominated field. These women have identified personal and professional mentors as a key component in their pathways to innovation.

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