The Trust Divide for Brands Online

The Trust Divide for Brands Online

This latest report shows that in today’s online world, there is a consumer trust divide between brand attitudes in developed nations and in emerging markets. Look at a snapshot of what was discovered about trust across technology, data, content and eCommerce.

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Meet Marketing Compliance Challenges with an Online BrandHub

Marketers are challenged to ensure their work is compliant from a brand and legal perspective. Having a system in place that can cater to the full lifecycle of content is a must-have to mitigate compliance risks. Find out how an online BrandHub can streamline your campaigns.

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Facebook Canvas: The Bridge Between Branding and Direct Response

With Facebook as a mobile-first platform, they have created Facebook Canvas, where Canvas ads are immersive, mobile-optimised experiences. These ads are made up of traditional ad formats, as well as creative extras like vertical video and tap-to-zoom, that enhance user engagement.

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Top of Mind: In Gord (and Baseball) We Trust

CMA is proud to partner with the Tite Group to produce a blog post series on what’s distracting and engaging to Canadian consumers. In this first edition, we explore the emotional reactions after Gord Downie’s passing and YouTube TV’s ad during the World Series of baseball.

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Game of Switchers: The Telecom Opportunity in Canada

Canada’s telecom industry is a game of switchers. Almost everyone subscribes somewhere, but most customers aren’t brand loyal. That means telecom providers need to be present in the moments customers even think about switching—especially where they go to research their options: online.

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