Top 2017 Trends in Programmatic Ad Spending

Top 2017 Trends in Programmatic Ad Spending

This latest blog post by Varick Media Management tracks where marketers placed the dollars in their ad spend budget throughout 2016. From mobile use to native to social media, find out which programmatic channels are in decline and which channels are set for growth in 2017.

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5 Quick-Hitting Tips for Creating Impactful ‘Content Moments’

As it gets more and more difficult to reach consumers in an age of “content overload,” the research team at AOL has uncovered specific consumer “content moments.” Check out how your brand can effectively create and promote content that resonates with audiences in the moment of discovery.

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Key Observations and Conclusions from CMA’s CASL Workshop

CMA’s February 16 CASL Workshop was a great success, with attendees having productive conversations to prepare for Private Right of Action coming July 1. See what was discussed at the workshop round tables on topics such as B2B, consent, and social media.

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The Evolving State of Retailing Analytics in CRM Analysis

Retail has undergone a revolution on the use of data for CRM analysis. Traditionally, retailers needed a loyalty program in order to track basic CRM, but with current advances in mobile technology, they now have access to an effective tool for rich data capture.

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How to Overcome Canadians’ Waning Trust in Business

Edelman’s recent Trust Barometer report revealed some troubling news for Canadian businesses. To combat Canadians’ waning trust in businesses and their spokespeople, hear from Brand Matters about how to transform employees into brand advocates.

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