Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends & the Importance of Brand

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends & the Importance of Brand

With new digital marketing trends underway, marketers need to become more effective at content management and stay focused on their brands. Find out how your digital marketing tactics and metrics can drive your business performance effectively.

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The Moment that… Subscription Models Disrupted Beauty

As the beauty industry moves towards digital platforms, many beauty brands and retailers launched subscription services to meet the needs of their customers. Discover how to make unboxing a pleasure, target a niche audience and create special moments with dedicated customers.

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Automation and its Impact on Predictive Analytics – Part 2

What will a future in an age of artificial intelligence and increased automation look like? In part 2 of this blog series, we examine what a day in the life of a future junior data scientist might entail and the tools that enable them to create an analytical file.

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With Brands, as with Relationships, It’s All About Trust

Trust is the foundation of relationships, especially between customers and brands. This latest blog post uncovers the secret to building a lasting, valued relationship of trust with your customers by creating internal brand advocates first.

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Facebook Moves Closer to YouTube and TV

Facebook is launching a video destination called “Watch” to encourage people to spend more time watching videos on its media platform. Available across its apps for mobile devices and connected TVs, Facebook’s “Watch” will feature original shows from 30+ content partners.

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