Using Data to Drive Digital Decisions

Podcast: Using Data to Drive Digital Decisions

In this latest installment of the Digital Marketing Council’s podcast series, we sit down with the Head of Adobe Advertising Cloud Canada, Dana Toering, to dive into the world of programmatic media. Learn how to create a data-focused automation solution for marketers.

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Analytics and Market Research – the "voice of the customer"

Data is powerful and companies are increasingly aware of how it makes a profound impact on how to understand their customers. To make data-driven decisions, businesses are developing the potential of evolving and integrating Analytics and Research teams.

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3 Reasons Why Canadians Watch Gaming Videos on YouTube

Gaming has gone mainstream: people who watch gaming videos on YouTube are just normal, average Canadians. Discover what people love about YouTube gaming videos and uncover how your brand can resonate with this passionate audience.

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There was a Beverage for Every Occasion

As the internet allows customers to try more brands at a faster pace, the beverage sector is feeling the effects of a busier, experimental customer base. Read this latest article to find out how your beverage brand can meet changing customer needs in the moment.

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Public Perspectives: Canadians and Digital Health

Most Canadians are now online health seekers, using digital resources to look for health-related information. So how do doctors and health care professionals adapt? Learn about Canadian appetites for digital health, from e-consultations to micro-chips.

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