2018 Top 5 Picks

  • How Green Are Your Offerings? Know the Rules

    With more and more customers wanting to purchase products and services that are environmentally friendly, companies are promoting the green aspects of their offerings through ads, logos and … more

  • How Quickly Can You Adapt to the Future?

    According to IAB Canada's 2018 Barometer Report on The State of AR & VR Advertising in Canada, both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are considered leading edge technologies that … more

  • 3 Things Driving the Research-Obsessed Consumer

    Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas Lisa Gevelber explains how more and more people are using search to optimize their real-world experiences.

    Check out their latest Consumer Insights … more

  • Data and Insights Matter

    Insights are a powerful tool in marketing and when leveraged correctly they can inform and improve business decisions. As a result, the CMA recognizes the value of quality research and continues to … more

  • How MarTech Helps Sales and Marketing Better Align

    Imagine speaking with a sales rep that doesn't know what is written on their company's website or what emails were sent to you. Dan Radu, President of Macromator, a marketing operations agency, … more

  • Your Guide to Email Testing

    Testing email programs doesn’t have to require significant resources and huge sample groups. Inbox Marketer’s latest blog post reveals what to test, how to test it, and why it’s … more

  • CMA Advocacy in Action – Summer 2018 Update

    It’s been a busy first half of 2018 for the advocacy team at the CMA. From government consultations, to webinars and publishing new member content, the flurry of activity never ceased. To get … more

  • Going Beyond Traditional KPIs

    Today, marketers have access to more data and tools than ever, yet marketers' ability to develop meaningful insight and solve business challenges hasn't seen much improvement. Gurman Hundal, CEO at … more

  • How Healthy is Your Email Marketing ROI?

    In a new report "The State of Email Marketing", global research firm Demand Metric partnered with Return Path to uncover the objectives, tactics, challenges, and performance of B2B and B2C … more