What No One Tells You About Marketing Performance Reporting

What No One Tells You About Marketing Performance Reporting

Paul Lacap, Director of Digital Strategy & Engagement at the University of Manitoba, explores how the timing of marketing performance reporting may be misaligned with organizational reporting and what questions you might ask yourself so that your team’s performance is top-of-mind for decision-makers within your organization.

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Must Reads #47 from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Why do marketers need to stop focusing on loyalty and start thinking about relevance? How are brands getting more sophisticated at using location data?  What’s the hidden cost of time wasted on data?

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An Update from the CMA’s Not-For-Profit Council

The CMA’s Not-For-Profit (NFP) Council conducted an engagement outreach survey to over 25 NFP organizations within their membership to determine members’ level of awareness and engagement with the CMA.

Learn more about our findings and how you can get involved.

Luke Sullivan Talks Business to People (B2P) Advertising

Luke Sullivan, who wrote the bible on advertising with his number one ad-book on Amazon, sits down with The Cargo Agency to talk all about B2P, or business to people, advertising.

Check out full podcast and video on The Cargo Agency’s recent post on Small Talk

YouTube Canada 2018 Ads Leaderboard Results

A new year in Canada means a new crop of winter-themed ads. To (hopefully) close out the winter season, Think with Google is showcasing the top five ads that Canadians chose to watch in the first quarter of 2018.

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