2015 Weekly Watching Briefs

  • CMOs & CTOs have relationship issues

    CMOs and CTOs are having relationship issues

    The new CMO Digital Benchmark Study from Leapfrog Marketing Institute says there’s a disconnect between CMOs and CTOs. Out of 131 U.S. executives … more

  • Get Inside the Mind of the CMO

    Get inside the mind of the CMO

    CMOs are more imaginative, outgoing and bolder than the rest of the C-suite, says a new report from job consultancy Russell Reynolds Associates. Based on data from 36 … more

  • Trends CMOs Shouldn’t Ignore in 2016

    Trends CMOs should pay close attention to in 2016

    According to Forbes, there are five marketing trends that CMOs can’t ignore in 2016 without letting their brands lose competitive advantage. … more

  • Digital is Shifting Canadian Agency & Brand Roles

    Canadian Digital Marketing Pulse: CMA – Ipsos – Marketing Magazine

    More than at any point in the past, digital is seen to be paying off in terms of its effectiveness and at the same … more