Study shows major daily newspaper websites play key role in brand perception

Study shows major daily newspaper websites play key role in brand perception

Context Matters Consumer Study reveals halo effect of advertising in premium environments

TORONTO, ON (June 27, 2016) – Canadians consider websites of major daily newspapers as the most prestigious media environments, according to the Context Matters Consumer Study, conducted by Rogers Insights in partnership with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), Marketing magazine and Globe Media Group.

The study, designed to understand, discuss and evaluate the importance of premium media environments for advertising found that 43% of Canadians consider major daily newspaper websites the “most prestigious” – far outranking websites of major national magazines in second place (11%).

“The Context Matters Consumer Study provides valuable insights for marketers to consider when developing strategy to help drive business success," said CMA’s President and CEO, Doug Brooks. "Context really does matter to consumers.”

Survey respondents were asked to define and rank a variety of media environments, including but not limited to, newspaper and magazine websites, social media, online resellers, YouTube and sites that aggregate content. A key insight is that original content drives up the prestige of websites. Of the sites ranked in the top 3, all are considered original sources of content: websites of major daily newspapers, websites of a major national magazine and original online news organization websites.

“We are committed to providing our readers with award-winning journalism while also offering brands a respected platform to advertise their products,” said Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “The changing needs of readers, advertisers and brands require strategic investments in content and technology for our suite of products. That’s our promise going forward.”

Definition of a Premium Media Brand
Canadians have clear opinions regarding what makes a premium media brand:

  • Almost 80% of respondents selected “trusted source of information” as the top characteristic to define a prestigious website
  • Over half selected “holds your interest,” “makes you feel informed” and “unbiased information” to define it
  • Website design is also important with 76% indicating “well-designed” to be a factor

The Halo Effect
Premium websites contribute to a positive lift in opinion for brands advertised. The survey results revealed that all three brands across three tested product categories (Automotive, Financial and Travel) saw a positive lift in opinion if the advertisement appears on what the respondent considers their most prestigious type of website:

  • Discount and full-service airlines both saw big lifts with 33% and 28% respectively
  • Banks and financial services, 26%
  • Non-luxury automotive, 25% and luxury automotive with 19%

However, the negative impact on brands advertised on less prestigious sites is considerably stronger than the positive impact:

  • The negative impact of advertising on the wrong type of site is highest for Banks and Financial Institutions (38% less positive) and luxury auto brands (38% less positive)

“Understanding consumers’ perceptions on media brands is an integral part of an advertiser’s toolkit,” said Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief, Marketing Magazine. “Through this research we now have a better sense of what websites Canadian consumers consider premium, which will help inform advertising decisions, position brands in the right light and reach the right audience.”

Context Matters Consumer Survey
The survey is based on an online questionnaire of 4,003 Canadian consumers 18 years and older between April 20 and May 2, 2016. It is the first part of a two-part study that will be fully unveiled at the Marketing Evolution Summit in Toronto on September 21.

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