Canadian marketers welcome first-ever professional designation program

Canadian marketers welcome first-ever professional designation program

TORONTO – Today the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) announced a significant advancement for Canada’s marketing profession with the launch of Canada’s first-ever Chartered Marketer designation program.

As a crucial component to Canadian business, marketing has become a strategic and data-driven profession. The designation is a response to this professional shift and is an opportunity to assert marketing’s contribution to the C-Suite table.

The launch of the designation responds to a clear appetite among Canada’s marketing professionals: 86% of marketers in a recent survey believe that there is relevance for such a designation program.

“We increasingly recognize that marketing serves a critical function for business growth, yet marketing professionals are often challenged to validate their skills and to prove marketing’s value,” says Chris Stamper, Chair of the CMA Board of Directors. “Our goal with this designation is to shift the way in which companies view marketing in Canada by providing independent appraisal, establishing a consistent standard of quality and recognizing the profession’s top talent.”

In addition to his role as Chair, Stamper is Senior Vice President, Business Marketing Planning and CMO Canadian Banking of TD Bank Group. TD Bank is the Founding Lead partner for the designation and has been working closely with CMA for many years.

Through the two-year long research and development process for the designation, the CMA found that a shortage of advanced professional training has hindered the career advancement of those in the field.

“Underpinning all components of professional growth is a personal commitment to invest time and resources in your career development,” says Bryan Pearson, President and CEO, LoyaltyOne and one of the founding partners for the designation. “Professional designations like the new Chartered Marketer designation are not about getting a piece of paper with your name on it, but about investing in your skill development and equipping yourself with the tools to take control of your career and continue to advance.”

The newly-launched Chartered Marketer designation emphasizes quality assurance, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and an overall commitment to holding marketing professionals in Canada to the highest standard.

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