Message from our President and CEO: Protecting our greatest assets

Message from our President and CEO: Protecting our greatest assets

January 25, 2021

Leaders from all corners of marketing tell me that their number one priority is the well-being of their staff.

I couldn’t agree more. In the first seven months of the pandemic, I sent daily blogs to my staff, and I continue to write to them on a regular basis. We’ve run yoga classes, art sessions, escape rooms, trivia contests, fitness challenges and more. We’ve conducted virtual town halls with thought-provoking guests. The CMA staff are all amazing, and they have weathered the storm quite well. The genuine camaraderie among CMA staff is, I think, part of our magic, and is reflective of the broader marketing community. I’m sure you have success stories as well. 

I am keenly aware that my duty is not only towards staff, but towards the larger community of marketing. That is why the CMA makes considerable efforts to create networking opportunities for our volunteers, and for our membership at large. The key to remaining positive in these days is staying connected to your community. 

For example, the lively interactions among the 1,500 attendees at our Virtual CMA Awards Gala in November was a definite highlight for many. Last week, we tried something new: hosting a short networking session after CMAinsights. The conversation went so well that we could have doubled the length of the session. I encourage you to register for CMAideas on Feb 11 at 1pm and join hundreds of other to hear a great lineup of speakers and to join the networking session that follows.

The marketing ecosystem in Canada is complex. There is a lot of cross-reliance. We are all in this together. As a community, agencies and service providers are doing an amazing job in very difficult circumstances. Let’s continue to expect much from our partners… but also remember to be kind. Think about the impact of the past 10 months on the staff of these service providers and do your part to make their lives brighter.   

The pandemic will eventually subside and life will carry on more normally. Until then, let’s continue to hold each other up. I love the way that President Biden summed it up at his inauguration last week, when he said: “Each of us have to come together to carry all of us forward”.

Take good care of those around you, and stay safe.

John Wiltshire
President and CEO

P.S. Do you know about nabs – the CMA’s charitable partner? They have free and invaluable mental health resources, which may be helpful to you or someone you care about, especially during the pandemic.