Podcast: Chatbots and the Future of Brand Conversations - A human to human conversation with Russell Ward at Massively

In the latest instalment of the CMA Digital Marketing Council's podcast, council member Andrew Lane visits Massively, a Toronto-based shop that creates intelligent chatbots for marketers. We sit down with Massively's President, Russell Ward to learn more about the company, the current face of Chatbots in marketing, opportunities for the future and the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning behind that's driving this emerging technology.

Special thanks as always to Council member, Mike Jacobs and his team at The New Business for recording and mixing the audio for this episode.


Run of Show

00:00 - Introductions

00:44 - An overview of Massively today

01:18 - The Massively "origin story" and the pivot to marketing-focused chatbots

03:19 - Effectively using chatbots to create a strong consumer experience 

05:05 - The art of designing a natural conversation with a bot

07:14 - The numerous approaches to branded chatbot experiences/campaigns

11:37 - The role of brand KPI's in the design and utility of chatbots

14:07 - Humans vs technology/machine learning in optimizing a campaign 

16:39 - Areas of opportunity - the most successful spaces for bots today

19:23 - The future evolution of chatbots - what's next?

Tags: chatbots, massively, marketing, ai, machine learning, technology