In a series of Q & A’s presented in three video segments, we engaged in candid conversations with three leading Canadian brands on their journey into social media to support customer service; what it means to their business and why there is no turning back now.

Segment 1

Features: getting started with social media, mapping out the approach and scope, and ah-ha moments of delight with the media. One brand credits social media for averting a potential crisis by keeping customers informed and engaged during a difficult situation.

Robin Whalen, Partner/Managing Director, Real Interactive

Mathieu Legacé, Social Media Manager, Air Canada
Alon Marcovici, Vice-President, Consumer Sales and Marketing, Globe and Mail
Gina Mulic, Manager, Social Media Support, Rogers

Segment 2

Features: building a social customer service team, “scary” moments in the learning curve, and how technology can humanize a brand. For example, one brand uses quick video replies to people, including pictures or gifts, to show they care about their customers.

Segment 3

Features: common metrics used today, guidance for brands just getting started, and setting customer expectations. One brand recognized that its business would be challenged to operate 24/7 in social media, and took the bold step to communicate this policy decision.

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